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XG470-410Right Hand Grip
XG470-421RReplacement Rear Axle For Scooters
XG470-500Replacement Scooter Chain
XG470-615FSet Of Front Wheel Hubs
XG470-615RSet Of Rear Wheel Hubs For Gas Scooters
XG470100Gas Scooter Body Replacement
XG470104Rear Body / Fender
XG470119Front Dash Cover
XG505-126Rear Chain Tensioner (set of 2)
XG505-150Large Scooter Seat
XG505-157Start Button On Handle Bars
XG505-161Replacement Disk Brake Pads (set of 2)
XG505-200Replacement Scooter Battery 7 AMP 12 Volt
XG505-220Voltage Regulator
XG505-240Charger Socket For Scooter
XG505-245Kick Stand Spring
XG505-300LLeft Side Front Scooter Fork
XG505-300RRight Side Front Scooter Fork
XG505-301Front Fork Bearings
XG505-400FFront Brake Handle
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