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X360-401Left Handle Grip With Switches
X360-4211Front Axle
X360-4212Xtreme Front Axle
X360-4231Rear Axle VER 1
X360-4232Xtreme Rear Axle Complete Ver 2
X360-500-14 Chain For Motor / Rear WheelX360-500-14 Chain For Motor / Rear WheelReplacement chain for model X-360. This is a 14 Inch chain used on all 2005 and later X-360's. If your scooter is 2001-2004 you might need a 15" chain,
X360-520 Chain Sprocket 65 TeethX360-520 Chain Sprocket 65 TeethReplacement Chain Sprocket 65 Teeth.
X360-600Tool Kit
X360-610Wheel Bearings (set of 2)
X360-614Decal Kit For X-360
X360-6201Xtreme Full Size 1 Piece Handlebars
X360-62023 Piece Handlebars (Not Full Size)
X360-622Xtreme Handlebar Grip Post
X400 Battery 12V 9AH SealedX400 Battery 12V 9AH SealedReplacement Scooter Battery 9 AMP
XB350-200 Battery, 12V 12AHReplacement 12 volt battery for the X-Treme™ XB-350
XB500 Battery, 12V 12AHReplacement 12 volt battery for the X-Treme™ XB-350
XB500 ChargerXB500 ChargerReplacement battery charger for the X-Treme™ XB-500
XB500 ControllerXB500 ControllerReplacement controller unit for the X-Treme™ XB-500
XB500 Front ShroudFront Shroud for the X-Treme™ XB-500 Electric Bicycle
XB500 Front Wheel Drum BrakeXB500 Front Wheel Drum BrakeReplacement front wheel drum brake assembly for the X-Treme™ XB-500
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