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Universal Hand Throttle With CablesUniversal Hand Throttle With CablesReplacement Hand Throttle with Cables for X-Treme™ X-010, X-250, X-360 & XA-750 models. This item fits just about all other similar looking scooter brands and can be used on most all electric scooters on the market.
X-151 Gear Box Case & LidX-151 Gear Box Case & Lid
X-360 Chain Sprocket Free WheelX-360 Chain Sprocket Free WheelReplacement chain sprocket free wheel for the XG-550/XG-505/X-360/X-500/X-560 and other similar models
X-560 Electric Scooter Battery Charger (3 prong 3 batteries 36 Volt)X-560 Electric Scooter Battery Charger (3 prong 3 batteries 36 Volt)
X-560 Electric Scooter Tire TubeX-560 Electric Scooter Tire Tube
X-560 Replacement Front TireX-560 Replacement Front Tire
X-560 Replacement Rear TireX-560 Replacement Rear Tire
X-600 Rear Wheel Kit - COMPLETEX-600 Rear Wheel Kit - COMPLETEComplete Replacement Rear Wheel Kit for the X-Treme™ X-600. 
Kit Includes: 
1 - X600-615R Rear Wheel Hubs Set&nb
X010-100Foot Plate
X010-114Foot Plate Decal
X010-120Replacement rear wheel for X-010 model and other similar looking scooters made by other manufactures.
X010-130Front Wheel
X010-210100 Watt Motor
X010-220-2Scooter Controller Version 2
X010-220-3Xtreme 24 Volt Controller Version 3
X010-250X10 24V Charger
X010-300Front Forks
X010-401Left Grip, On Off Switch
X010-420T Handle Bar
X010-500X 10 Belt
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