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We carry large selection of spare parts for Razor, GOPED and Xtreme scooters. We are in process of completing our spare part catalog. If you don't find the spare part you are looking for please drop us an email support@escooterscooter.com or call us Toll free: (800) 570 6744, we will happy to assist you.

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Universal Hand Throttle With CablesUniversal Hand Throttle With CablesReplacement Hand Throttle with Cables for X-Treme™ X-010, X-250, X-360 & XA-750 models. This item fits just about all other similar looking scooter brands and can be used on most all electric scooters on the market.
X-151 Gear Box Case & LidX-151 Gear Box Case & Lid
X-360 Chain Sprocket Free WheelX-360 Chain Sprocket Free WheelReplacement chain sprocket free wheel for the XG-550/XG-505/X-360/X-500/X-560 and other similar models
X-560 Electric Scooter Battery Charger (3 prong 3 batteries 36 Volt)X-560 Electric Scooter Battery Charger (3 prong 3 batteries 36 Volt)
X-560 Electric Scooter Tire TubeX-560 Electric Scooter Tire Tube
X-560 Replacement Front TireX-560 Replacement Front Tire
X-560 Replacement Rear TireX-560 Replacement Rear Tire
X-600 Rear Wheel Kit - COMPLETEX-600 Rear Wheel Kit - COMPLETEComplete Replacement Rear Wheel Kit for the X-Treme™ X-600. 
Kit Includes: 
1 - X600-615R Rear Wheel Hubs Set&nb
X010-100Foot Plate
X010-114Foot Plate Decal
X010-120Replacement rear wheel for X-010 model and other similar looking scooters made by other manufactures.
X010-130Front Wheel
X010-210100 Watt Motor
X010-220-2Scooter Controller Version 2
X010-220-3Xtreme 24 Volt Controller Version 3
X010-250X10 24V Charger
X010-300Front Forks
X010-401Left Grip, On Off Switch
X010-420T Handle Bar
X010-500X 10 Belt
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