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We carry large selection of spare parts for Razor, GOPED and Xtreme scooters. We are in process of completing our spare part catalog. If you don't find the spare part you are looking for please drop us an email support@escooterscooter.com or call us Toll free: (800) 570 6744, we will happy to assist you.

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36V Charger - 1.5A36V Charger - 1.5ARazor MX500/MX650 replacement control module
Duracell 12 Volt Battery (12AH)Duracell 12 Volt Battery (12AH)

Evo Battery

Battery Size: L 5.94 x W 3.9 x H 3.98 inches

Universal Sealed Lead Acid Battery with Flat Terminals used on the majority of ride-on toys and scooters we carry. If you are not sure which battery you need, simply match the voltage, amp hour and physical size.

This battery is available in two flat terminal widths.

F1 Terminal Size: 3/16 inch (skinny)

F2 Terminal Size: 1/4 inch (wide)

E150 Rear Wheel Complete (Pneumatic)E150 Rear Wheel Complete (Pneumatic)
Evo Powerboard 10'' Tire (3.00-4)Evo Powerboard 10'' Tire (3.00-4)
Street tire used on 2010 and later Evo Models with 10 inch tires.  Evo 500 / 800 watt electric models.
  • Size: 3.00-4.0
  • Type: Requires Innertube
  • PSI.: 4
Evo Powerboard 36V Battery Charger (500w/800w/1000w)Evo Powerboard 36V Battery Charger (500w/800w/1000w)

Evo Powerboard 36V Battery Charger (500w/800w/1000w)

Evo Powerboard Brake Pad SetEvo Powerboard Brake Pad SetBrake pads for 2010 and later Evo Scooters, used in brake caliper, not scissor brakes.
Evo Powerboard Key Lock Ignition (electric)Evo Powerboard Key Lock Ignition (electric)Replacement ignition module with keys. Used on Evo Rx/2x gas powered scooters.
Evo Powerboard Seat (2x/Rx/500w/800w)Evo Powerboard Seat (2x/Rx/500w/800w)Replacement seat for the Evo Powerboard  (2x/Rx/500w/800w)
Evo Powerboard Seat Post (2x/Rx)Evo Powerboard Seat Post (2x/Rx)Replacement seat post for the Evo Powerboard 2x/Rx
Evo Powerboard Twist Throttle/Handlebar Grip Right (500w/800w)Evo Powerboard Twist Throttle/Handlebar Grip Right (500w/800w)

Evo Powerboard Twist Throttle/Handlebar Grip Right (500w/800w)

Razor 24 Volt Charger - 1.5ARazor 24 Volt Charger - 1.5ARazor 24 Volt Charger - 1.5A for pocket mod
Razor BatteryRazor BatteryRazor® Pocket Rocket (V7+) and MX350 (V9+), Sport Mod, Pocket Mod, Dune Buggy and Dirt Quad replacement battery.
Razor E100 (V16+) BatteryRazor E100 (V16+) BatteryRazor® E100 (V16+) replacement battery.
Razor E100 24 Volt Charger - 1.0ARazor E100 24 Volt Charger - 1.0ARazor E100, E125, E150 & E175 24 Volt Charger - 1.0A
Razor E100 BatteryE100/E125 Battery w/Adapter (12V/4.5AH Single Connector)
Razor E100(V5+) MotorRazor E100(V5+) MotorRazor® E100(V5+) replacement motor
Razor E200/E300 BatteryRazor E200/E300 BatteryRazor E200/E300 Battery
Razor Inner TubeRazor Inner TubeRazor® Sport Mod/Pocket Mod replacement tube  
Razor MX350 & MX400 Front WheelRazor MX350 & MX400 Front WheelMX500 & MX650 replacement front wheel
Razor MX350 replacement batteryRazor MX350 replacement batteryRazor MX350 Replacement battery
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